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Cottage - Holiday House in the North - East of Bohemia for sale     


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Modern: 05.05.2005


History of the cottage

History in nowadays

Present owners get the cottage in 1972. There was only 12 old trees on the garden, what had not a fence. The fence was build in next years and the garden was arrange to contemporary image. Water branch pipe was build in 1973. Many of improvements was made from 1980 to 1988; the roof was covered with the new roof material (eternit), both of the chimneys was renewed, the frontispiece was made all new, there was build a new tile stove in the kitchen, 2/3 of the walls made from the wood was supplant by the modern materials (gassilicates), old windows was supplant by the news, old floor originaly earthen and wooden was supplant by the concrete, it was instaled new electricity and many others changes was done. There was made a new roof covering to the outhouse and chimneys get a rain flaps.


The cottage on the bank of the brook

It is real danger of the flood in the cottage because of neighbouring with the brook. It has happend two times from the 1972. First time it was in 1975 when the water overflow low doorsteps of the cottage and get to the living room and to the coridor. Water was 5 cm over the floor. Second time it happend in 2001. This time the watter get only 2 cm over the floor of the outhouse and it flow through it without the demaging the house.

Repair of stone stream bank under cottage - July / August 2003 After both of this events it started a improvement works on the house, on the lot of the house and on the bed of the brook. The doorsteps was heighten more then 5 cm, waterproofing of the walls and floor was lift over the terrain.
The bed of the brook war enlarged in the summer 2003, rebuild and harden. But the routine maintenance every year of the brook bed is necessary.

The known history of the cottage

The cottage was build about 1870. It was timbering with the thatchet roof. The cottage was from two parts and there was two entrances to it. One part of the house (kitchen) was used as a store; it was posible to buy a drink or a refreshment. The second part of the house was used for living. There was build a store over the road about 1950 and the store in the cottage was cancel.
The cottage was used for living at times from 1972, sometimes a parts of it was rent.


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