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Cottage - Holiday House in the North - East of Bohemia for sale     


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Modern: 05.05.2005


Description of the building technical parameters


Piece of land the cottage stay on has the 285 square metres, the cottage has 88 square metres and the shed has 30 square metres. Cottage - one of these summers From one side of the piece of land is the fence. The house is from one third timbering, the rest of it is made from a contemporary materials. The walls and ceiling of the kitchen and hallway is covered with the wood, the rest of the house is covered with the plaster.



There is a watter supply and the electricity in the house (220V/380V), hot watter and the dry/chemical closet at the back of the house. The gas pipeline is 3 meters from the house. There are the stoves in the rooms for the heating and style tile stoves in the kitchen. There are two rebuilt chimneys in the house.

There is a living room/kitchen (about 24 m2), corridor, workshop with the pantry (about 20 m2), chamber and living room (about 20 m2) downstairs. It had been planned to instal a shower unit and toilet in the chamber.

Wooden stairs lead to the mansard both from the main and small corridor. The mansard is section on two great rooms. In the center of the mansard is little wooden room (16 m2) with the window to the south. The whole room under the roof is possible to rebuild for the living rooms. One part of the mansard is spanner made from the wood.
The roof is covered with the eternit (synthetic material), chimneys are covered by the metal plates.



Outhouse is whole made from the wood, floor of the outhouse is from the concrete and tiles. The outhouse neighbour with the house from theView from behind of cottage to outhouse north site. On the distant corner of the outhouse is the dry closet. There is a place for the wood and coal and a lot of place for many others things in the outhouse too. Little hole dig in the outhouse with the bottom on the level of the subterraneous watter served as an ice box in the past times.

The roof of the outhouse is covered with the dark red curly plates Onduline.

Horisontal projection of the cottage with the situation of the rooms

Půdorys chalupy s kůlnou, rozvržení místností



Living room with kitchen - view over sofas to tile stove In the kitchen are: a tile stove, commode, washing table with the place for the dish, washing corner with the electric boiler, wash basin, two sofas and mordanted style furniture: dining-room table with four tabouretes and three high commodes.
There is a fridge with the freezer in the workshop, old diner-room table, cupboard and high shelf usefull for storage of the tools and other things.

Living room In the living room is stove Club, commode with the place for silver sets and a bar, large sofa, diner-room table with four cushioned chairs and two renewed wooden armchairs with leather cushion.

There are two beds and metal plank bed in the room on the mansarde.



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